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Bali Natural Paint

Its specialty


- Natural paint is the water paint based / has basic material, made of Acrylic material with various colour of antiques, unique and nature and its long enough to maintain the power and it is also very strong. A new idea in nature paint is to make the room is more beautiful whether the interior or the exterior. It is suitable for making all modern building and traditional building as an alternative to change paras taro, paras gosok (rub), bricks, rocky stone, palimanan stone that have “KCA” logo.

- Especially for Bali island, Natural Paint as an alternative solution to maintain the existence of the unique of Bali in Architectural field and as the result of the advance of developing the houses, the shops, the office complex and the hotels. Therefore, Bali can still maintain its nature or its harmony with the local culture environment.

- Natural paint consist of taro land paint which has variety texture and colour of the taro land, paras and bricks, Bali stone mill which own the unique texture of soft rocky stone and palimanan paint as the replacement of palimanan stone used as a special wall paint because the result of painting is like an orderly small stone with its natural variety.It can also used in various media such as Gypsum, Plafond, Pillar, Concrete Pillar, Hardboard, Wood Furniture, Flowerpot and some parts of the building.

General Application:


The surface / wall must be cleaned from the dirtiness, dust, old paint should be replaced etc..


The painting can use the brush, roll and spry gun texture.


The painting is done with two different ways:


- The water paint with 10 % water comparison .


- The strong liquid paint with 5% water comparison.


For getting good result, you can repeat the painting twice after the surface is truly dry.


The paint will dry not more 15 – 20 minutes in good light


For making the painting easier and flatting the KCA Natural Paint, better to make the wall surface not need to be smooth, let it be rough as wanted texture.


The measurement of the painting:


- Wall with rough plastering, the measurement of maximum painting 1.5 – 2 M / Kg


- Wall with smooth plastering, the measurement of maximum painting 2 – 2.5 M / Kg






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