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Bali Paint Wholesaler & Retailer


We are a producer, retailer, wholesaler, exporter of highest quality paint products specialist based in Bali Indonesia.

It is perfect for all type of building, modern or traditional building to get simillar looks as the material that we use for modern such as Paras Taro, Paras Gosok, Bata, Karang stone, Palimanan stone, especially in Bali, as our willing to keep Balinese culture.

There is two category of our product : Natural Paint like Taro, Palimanan, Stone Mill and Flakes Paint like Fakes Antique Colour (FAC) and Flakes Intern Colour (FIN).
Natural Paint will give a natural feeling of your home and building and Antique Paint will make your home more style, beautiful and luxurius.

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palimanan 01KCA
Taro paint is our product that made from soil of taro from Taro village Ubud Gianyar Bali. This paint will give the natural feeling and look as the original Taro. Natural Paint as an alternative solution to maintain the existence of the unique of Bali in Architectural field and as the result of the advance of developing the houses, the shops, the office complex and the hotels. Therefore, Bali can still maintain its nature or its harmony with the local culture environment.
Now is your turn to go back to nature.

fc 01Flakes Antique Colour
Flakes Antique Colour Paint is our product which is made by recycling garbage in Denpasar – Bali. We made this product in two categories such as exterior and interior. FAC paint can also used as special wall paint because the paint result, which appears, is just like sand, orderly small stones, which is like nice grenade. With Flakes Antique Colour, your home more style, unique and beautiful.

Office :
Kharisma Cemerlang Abadi
Jl. G. Catur I/V
Gatot Subroto Barat Denpasar-Bali
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